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Casper Ruud Nears U.S. Open Finals with 55 Shots:-

Highlights of the day, including a 55-shot performance

Latest on Casper Ruud’s preparations for the US Open.ends of the show.

Casper Ruud Nears U.S. Open Finals:-

Ruud, who was third in the world at the time of the Open Championship, reached the U.S. Open Finals with a 55-shot total. This included 31 shots on court and 18 shots from the green. In total, Ruud made 71 percent of his shots on court, including 54 of his 55 attempts from beyond the arc. He shot an impressive 56 percent from 3-point range and hit all but one of his free throws in regulation.

Ruud’s 55 Shots.

Ruud’s success comes as no surprise; he has been playing some of the best tennis of his career at this point in his career. Over the last two years, he has won two French Open titles (in 2013 and 2014), reached the semifinals of five tournaments (including four ATP events), and qualified for The Masters Series Finals for the first time in his career. Despite these accomplishments, Ruud is still just 21 years old and will continue to improve as he nears seniorhood.

Casper Ruud’s Record for Shots:-

Ruud has recorded 55 shots on goal, which puts him tenth in the world. He also has a record for assists with 12. This makes him one of only six players to have both records.

Ruud’s Record for Assists.

Ruud has also registered an assist in every game he has played for the American Hockey League (AHL)’s Minnesota Wild, putting him fifth all-time with 171 assists. He is also third in the AHL in goals (44), and first in assists (72).

Ruud’s Highlights of the Day:-

Ruud led the Swiss team to their first ever U.S. Open Finals by scoring 55 shots in a row during the final game of the day. This included a 14-footer from behind the three-point line with just over two minutes remaining to send Switzerland into overtime. Ruud’s 55th shot was also the game-winning basket against America, helping his team to a 57-53 victory and their first major international title since 2006.

Ruud’s Highlights of the Year.

In 2017, Ruud became the first player in history to win both a Swiss men’s national title and an American men’s national title in the same year. He also won gold at the U18 World Championship and silver at the U19 World Championship, becoming only the second player in history to win both events simultaneously (the other being LeBron James). In addition, he was named tournament MVP after averaging 18 points per game and 5 assists on 51% shooting throughout the tournament.


Ruud reached the Open Finals of the 2018 World Cup after 55 shots from the field, putting him just one shot away from a record-breaking U.S. Open record. His strong performance in the tournament was unfortunately cut short by an ankle injury, but he still managed to put on a fantastic show that Highlights section 3.2 Ruud’s Highlights of the Year. Ruud showed his ability to score goals and Assist with uniqueity, setting a new U.S. Open record for both categories. He is an exciting prospect for future tournaments and has great potential to become one of the biggest names in professional soccer.

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